Secure Payment Policy

Payment & Security

Please be aware that all prices listed on our website are exclusive of applicable taxes. The final purchase amount, including any relevant taxes, will be calculated, and added during the checkout process. The specific tax rates and regulations may vary based on the country of delivery.

By clicking on the button "PROCEED TO PAYMENT", the Customer validates his order and agrees to pay the price.

Payment for the entire basket is made in one go, regardless of the Products appearing therein.
The payment order made by card cannot be canceled. Payment of the Order by the Customer is irrevocable, without prejudice for the Customer to exercise his right of withdrawal.

Please refer to our Cancellation Policy for more details.

The transfer of ownership of the Product to the Customer will only take place upon full receipt of the price by Operating Company and receipt of the Product by the Customer.

The Customer confirms and guarantees that he is the holder of the means of payment used for payment and that the latter provides access to sufficient funds to cover all the costs necessary for the payment of the Order.

Payment for the Order may be made by the Customer by Bank Card, Gift Card, or Promo Code, and under the conditions provided for this type of payment method. If the Order included several products, in case of unavailability of only part of the order, the delivery costs will not be reimbursed.

Proceed to checkout

Once you have finished adding items to your shopping cart and you are ready to complete your transaction, select the 'Proceed to Checkout' button in the cart area. Follow the steps by entering:

(a) The requested details for your 'Invoice and Delivery Address'. You can select an existing address or create a new one;
(b) Select your 'Shipping Method' you can select standard delivery or express delivery with an additional fee;
(c) Add any comment you may have regarding your order or on the 'Shipping or Delivery';
(d) Continue to select your 'Payment Method';
(e) Check the box to agree on the terms of service unconditionally after you read;
(f) Then press on 'PLACE ORDER';
(g) Your sales request is only send to us when this is done wait until you see 'Your order is confirmed';
(h) You should also receive the order confirmation and details by e-mail;
(i) After we receive your order and selected payment method is cleared, our team will process your purchase;


(a) The total amount that appears on the checkout page is the amount to be paid;
(b) We do not charge fees for online payment; however, please note your bank may charge you some additional fees. So refer to your bank in case any issue occurs;
(c) We offer FREE delivery for online orders with no minimum spends (across UAE); 
(d) No Payment accepted by check.


You can pick any of the below to make your payment:

(a) By bank cards: Visa, Master, American Express, Maestro;
(b) Cash upon Delivery: we accept payment in AED, US Dollars and Euro (exchanged based on our system daily rate).

Secure payment

Our payment is secured with SSL. 

Securing your bank details and privacy is our utmost priority. For this, we deal with trusted payment gateway and partners to make your online shopping experience enjoyable, secure and easy.

(a) Payment by Debit/Credit Card

To pay using your credit card at checkout, you will need your card number, expiry date, three-digit CVV number (found on the backside of your card).
After entering these details, you will be redirected to the bank's page for entering the online 3D secure password (It allows you to verify your identity when shopping online.).
Confidential payment details are transmitted directly in an encrypted format SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to the entity, this allows us to encrypt your personal data so that it is unreadable.
Authorizations code and data are then checked with your bank to avoid abuse and fraud.
For transactions, we use secure payment platforms from our banking partners. Credit and Debit Card transactions used on this site are powered by CC Avenue, a secure online gateway which will be responsible for holding and automatic handling, in a secure environment, of the information relating to your payment details.
Card details are not registered or saved on our databases nor servers.
As soon as all is confirmed, necessary funds are removed from your account and the purchase process will be completed and ready to prepare and ship.
Please contact your credit/debit card issuer for more information or in case or any issue faced. We do not charge fees for online payment; however, please note your bank may charge you some fees. So refer to your bank in case any issue occurs.

(b) Cash Upon Delivery (COD)

If you are not comfortable making an online payment, you can choose Cash on Delivery method. With cash on delivery, you can pay in US Dollars or AED at the time of delivery of your order to your doorstep, without requiring you to make any advance payment online. We also accept payment by credit/debit card in our cash-on-delivery options.

Account closure

We do monitor the number of continued rejected payment made by customers, and continued rejection will be flagged and potentially refused at our discretion or may lead to the closure of your account.